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oftentimes, we will come across circle k members using acronyms. in fact, two of our biggest events, Fall Training Conference and District Convention are often abbreviated as FTC and DCON. see the list below to find out what different circle k acronyms represent!

A – DSP 
ARFAttendance Request Form
CERFClub Event Report Form
CKICircle K International
CKI SOUTHCrazy Kompetition For Infants
CKIxCircle K International Convention
CTCCandidate Training Conference
DADistrict Administrator
DBDistrict Board
DCONDistrict Convention
DCMDivisional Council Meeting
DFIDistrict Fundraising Initiative
DGDistrict Governor
DLSSPDistrict Large Scale Service Project
DODesert Oasis
DPDCDistrict Professional Development Conference
DSIDistrict Service Initiative
DSPDivisional Service Project
DSSS District Summer Service Social
ERF Event Report Form
FTC Fall Training Conference
IP Immediate Past
ISI International Service Initiative
LTG Lieutenant Governor
MRP Membership Recognition Program
MRS Master Records Sheet
NMI New Member Installation
RA Region Advisor
SLP Service Leadership Program
STC Spring Training Conference